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About & Topics


The scopes of ISOT2017 are in the field of optomechatronic such as follows:

(1) Optical metrology (11) Adaptive optics
(2) Optical imaging/interferometry (12) Visual motion tracking and control
(3) Optical fiber sensors (13) Biomedical applications
(4) Polarization sensing and imaging (14) Vision-based monitoring and control
(5) Laser-based sensors (15) Optical manipulation and tweezers and their applications

(6) Optical sensors on robotics autonomous vehicles

     and other applications

(16) Material laser processing
(7) Optofluidics (17) Actuators based on optics and optomechatronics
(8) Optomechatronics for sensing and imaging (18) 3D processing, 3D fabrication and 3D printer
(9) Micro optoelectro mechanical systems (19) Thin film technology
(10) Optical inspection for industry (20) Solar cell

History of ISOT

International Symposium on Optomechatronic Technology: ISOT, the world premium annual meeting for

connecting between optics, electronics and mechanical technologies since 2000.

2000 Boston, USA

2001 Boston, USA

2002 Stuttgart, Germany

2003 Boston, USA

2004 Boston, USA

2005 Sapporo, Japan

2006 Providence, USA

2007 Lausanne, Switzerland

2008 San Diego, USA

2009 Istanbul, Turkey

2010 Toronto, Canada

2011 Hong Kong, China

2012 Paris, France

2013 Jeju, Korea

2014 Seattle, USA

2015 Neuchâtel, Switzerland

2016 Itabashi Tokyo, Japan